Channel mix distribution improved in 2023 vs 2022

Boudl Hotels and Resorts began their journey in the city of Hafr Al-Batin in Saudi Arabia, where they opened their first hotel. In a remarkably short span of time, the company’s reach expanded throughout the Kingdom, establishing Boudl as a trusted brand for hotel apartments and earning the confidence of the Saudi market, thus rising to a leadership position in the global hospitality industry.

Currently, the company proudly manages over 62 hotels, encompassing five-star, fourstar, and three-star categories, along with its renowned hotel apartment brands, including Narcissus Hotels, Braira Hotels, Aber Hotels and Boudl Hotel Apartments. This rapid expansion, coupled with the dynamic evolution of the tourism sector in the Kingdom, has necessitated embracing cutting-edge technologies to ensure continued growth and success.

To do this they have focused on:

• Expanding their distribution network
• Increasing their direct bookings.
• Increasing total revenues per available room

As part of their strategic vision, Boudl sought a valuable partnership with SHR, enabling them to equip their hotels with essential tools such as SHR’s CRS, CRM, and RMS. This collaboration has ensured they can efficiently meet the needs of modern travelers while maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Unlocked Achievements: The Results

Both powered by SHR’s CRS, BE and call center CRO channels direct reservations increased to more than 13% YTD of the total reservations compared to 5% in 2022, thanks to the possibility of sending personalized campaigns from SHR’s CRM.

The engagement rate with their campaigns is now 32% thanks to the campaign template builder tool and segmentation options that make each campaign unique, personalized, and relevant to who the guest is and what language is preferred.

SHR’s CRM also allowed them to send branded transactional emails for each of their brands.

Their transactional emails now include personalized confirmation letters and pre-stay emails to familiarize the guest with the stay and subsequently provide opportunities to cross sell or upsell. Post stay emails also allow them to collect guest feedback that help them increase the guest satisfaction.

“Over the course of our collaboration, we at Boudl Hotels & Resorts have had the significant privilege of experiencing the exceptional services rendered by SHR. We are incredibly pleased with their dedication, professionalism, and out-of-the-box solutions throughout our collaboration.
Our association was marked by SHR unsurpassed industry knowledge, groundbreaking technological solutions, and unbeaten commitment to client satisfaction.
“Their wide range of hospitality solutions significantly streamlined our processes, immensely benefiting us in managing our resources more effectively. The innovative software offered by SHR allowed us to break barriers and reach new heights, ultimately broadening our reach and strengthening our positioning in the hotel and resort industry. In summary, we at Boudl Hotels & Resorts couldn’t be more fulfilled with our partnership with SHR. We eagerly look forward to embracing further success and shared growth in the future.”
Mr. Ahmed Al Othaimeen, Director of IT Development for Boudl Hotels
Boudl Hotels and Resorts
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