Booking engine

SHR’s advanced AI technology ensures a seamless and engaging guest experience across all digital touchpoints, meticulously designed to optimize conversion rates.

Unlock the complete potential of your online presence and direct booking channels with SHR’s adaptable booking engine solutions. Our offerings cater to a wide spectrum of properties, ranging from boutique hotels to independent establishments, groups and chains.

Create personalized booking experiences that captivate your website visitors, guiding them effortlessly through the booking process with tailored content and intuitive engagement tools optimized for all devices. Nurturing each guest relationship boosts bookings, revenue and retention.

Our values

At SHR, we place personalization at the forefront of the booking experience, harnessing our advanced AI technology. We understand that personalized shopping experiences lead to higher conversion rates. Our in-depth insights into guest preferences, derived from both self-disclosed information and behavioral data, allow us to anticipate purchase intent, connect with guests through tailored offers and deliver exceptional brand experiences.


Booking engine
Unified and personalized shopping experience

Provide your guests with a personalized shopping journey, utilizing AI models to suggest customized content, products and pricing aligned with their preferences and behaviors. Prioritizing guest engagement and interaction, it identifies returning visitors and delivers timely, relevant information at every step of their booking process, enriching their overall experience and optimizing conversion rates.

Showcase your property and offers

Our comprehensive feature set empowers you to efficiently highlight your property and offerings, ensuring they are presented to guests in the most relevant context, encompassing pricing, packages, language and region. Our image-rich, contemporary design system, meticulously designed by our seasoned team, guarantees your property stands out and adheres to industry best practices, amplifying guest engagement and boosting conversion rates.

Powerful Merchandizing

Elevate the value of each booking and enhance the guest experience during their stay by integrating ancillary products and services into room packages or as optional purchases. Leveraging dynamic display technology, we customize these offers according to the guest’s booking preferences, maximizing upsell opportunities. Moreover, our voucher module enables you to sell tickets, certificates and additional experiences beyond accommodation, enriching the guest experience and expanding revenue streams.

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