Central reservation system

Your central hub to manage, distribute and optimize your sales strategy

Boost your revenue with our CRS: a Central Reservation System that seamlessly automates real-time updates across all your global sales channels, all from one user-friendly platform.

Streamline time-consuming tasks to boost efficiency and maximize room sales.
Eliminate the barriers between distribution, marketing and revenue management.

Our values

SHR’s central reservation system is a robust enterprise-level distribution platform engineered to streamline and optimize your channel strategies from a single, centralized hub. Our system provides real-time updates across global selling channels, including your website, call center, OTAs, GDS, channel managers, and metasearch platforms. Implementing your distribution strategy is effortless, and our native chain functionality enhances efficiency for multi-property management, facilitating quick deployment of selling elements across the group.
Integrate CRS seamlessly into your tech ecosystem, including PMS, RMS, CRM, and payment solutions. With complete control at your fingertips, you can take charge of your distribution and elevate RevPAR using our revenue management controls. Whether you’re an independent hotel or part of a group or chain, our platform caters to all property types. Moreover, our AI agents provide intelligent content generation, instant language translations, and task automation tailored to your specific business requirements.


Central reservation system
Seamless Connectivity

Enhance your technology stack to reach guests through their preferred booking channels and efficiently secure bookings, capturing every revenue opportunity. Our CRS seamlessly integrates with Property Management Systems, Direct Booking Channels, GDS, Metasearch, Online Agencies, Payment Gateways, Loyalty Platforms, Customer Relationship Management, and Revenue Management Systems, providing a comprehensive solution with real-time accuracy.

Enhance Guest Engagement and Boost Direct Bookings

Maximize your hotel’s guest engagement and direct booking efficiency with our versatile solutions. Choose from two dynamic booking engines and a powerful voice application. Additionally, leverage our APIs to ensure a seamless and consistent guest experience across all contact and booking channels.

Advanced Selling Tools

Optimize your property’s visibility across all sales channels with our robust CRS. Our user-friendly platform empowers you with total control over comprehensive content, pricing, and promotions management, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market. Enjoy a range of sales-boosting tools, including add-ons, packages, group bookings, upsell automation, and booking recovery features. Chains and groups can effortlessly extend these sales strategies across multiple properties using our built-in chain functionality.

AI Assistants

Our innovative CRS integrates AI agents and technology, committed to automating tasks and boosting efficiency. Our AI assistant transforms operations by providing instant language translation, content generation, and personalized workflow execution, all aimed at maximizing productivity.

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