Challenge: Enhancing Direct Bookings and Loyalty Program Participation

Adrift Hospitality is a socially responsible corporation and a certified B Corp that owns and operates a chain of six distinctive hotels across Washington State and Oregon. The properties include the Inn at Discovery Coast, Bowline Hotel, Boardwalk Cottages, Ashore Hotel, Shelburne Hotel, and Adrift Hotel + Spa, each offering a unique experience to guests. Adrift Hospitality values growth, human connection, fun, community, sustainability, creativity and lasting impact.

Adrift Hospitality faced a challenge in optimizing its revenue streams and increasing direct bookings. Although they already had a Central Reservation System (CRS) in place, they sought to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to drive engagement and loyalty.

Solution: SHR Group’s Comprehensive Suite of Services

Adrift Hospitality partnered with SHR Group to revamp its focus on conversion rates through a comprehensive suite of services, including CRS, Internet Booking Engine (IBE), CRM and Digital Marketing. The integration of these services aimed to streamline the booking process, improve customer relationships and boost direct bookings.

The key components of the solution included:

  1. CRS and IBE Integration: Adrift utilized the CRS with IBE for all their properties, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly online booking experience for guests.
  2. CRM Implementation: SHR Group supported Adrift in implementing a CRM system tailored to their specific needs. This allowed for more effective guest management, personalized communication and the integration of a loyalty program.
  3. Digital Marketing: SHR Group’s digital marketing services were employed to enhance Adrift’s online presence and visibility, attracting a wider audience and encouraging direct bookings.

Through the strategic implementation of SHR Group services, Adrift Hospitality successfully addressed their challenges and achieved remarkable results in increasing direct bookings, revenue and loyalty program participation. The collaboration not only aligned with Adrift’s values of growth and human connection but also contributed to their commitment to sustainability and lasting impact in the hospitality industry. The case study exemplifies how a thoughtful integration of technology and customer-centric strategies can drive success in the competitive landscape of the hotel industry.

“We absolutely would recommend digital marketing through SHR. It is so helpful to work with a digital team who is familiar with our booking engine and CRM and able to optimize campaigns around them. The communication and reporting from the team are always timely and easy to understand. Our account manager, Sarah, shares actionable insights and recommendations at each of our monthly calls.
We’ve been able to implement some new marketing campaigns and strategies based on her insight that have made a difference in driving revenue for our business. By working with a team that specializes in hospitality marketing and including our entire hotel portfolio, we can engage in a paid digital strategy for some of our smaller properties, which has been cost-prohibitive with other agencies in the past.”
Kacia Lessnau
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