SHR Group Hotel Services goes beyond converting hotel websites into successful sales channels. We focus on empowering you with a distinct competitive advantage by revolutionizing the guest journey and deepening your customer understanding and engagement.

Whether you opt for our entire suite of services or pick and choose individual elements, you can increase your opportunities for value creation with our award-winning website design and marketing services, and unmatched AI-powered hotel acquisition management and retention solutions.

Everything in SHR Group Hotel Services works together to keep you always ahead. Driving the quality and effectiveness of your hotel website and communications to maximize every aspect of the direct booking journey.


Digital marketing

Results-driven digital marketing strategy for your hotel

Break free from the maze of digital marketing and amplify the online strength of your hotel brand.

Combine our team’s hospitality expertise and AI-powered data to effectively boost your bookings by employing our comprehensive marketing mix of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Metasearch, and advanced Digital Strategy.

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Hotel websites

Elevate guest acquisition with bespoke website design

Highlight the distinct character of your hotel through a custom-designed website that truly stands out in the digital world of hospitality.

Stay always ahead of the competition by providing a user-friendly, guest-centric website experience that prevents customer frustration, leverages industry-leading SEO principles and boosts bookings.

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The world’s leading intelligent & integrated hospitality platform

With, you are always ahead. Powered by AI, analyzes millions of data points to build a picture of exactly what your guests want, anticipating their needs before they even know themselves. goes beyond a booking engine, serving smart content to maximize revenue, increase bookings and retain guests.

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Revenue Management for Hire

Create a winning revenue strategy in an ever-changing distribution landscape

Effective revenue management has transitioned from a desirable asset to an indispensable necessity.

Work with one of our dedicated industry experts who will assist you in developing and sustaining a robust revenue strategy with flexible reporting tailored precisely to your requirements.

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Consortia & TMC

Increase visibility for greater booking potential and higher revenue

By joining Consortia and TMCs, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing to your customers by offering competitive rates worldwide.

Let us manage and streamline the process for a comprehensive approach with centralized invoicing, RFP management and support, and automated rate loading.

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SHR Group facts and figures

Organic search


of revenue comes from SEO

Don't miss out on the opportunity to rank higher in search results

Pay per Click

ROI of 20:1 on PPC campaigns

Generate a high ROI at a low cost per sale




of global visitors

Prevent bookings going to OTAs

Digital strategy


guest guessing

AI-powered data decisions to build growth