Revenue management system

Introducing the pioneering Revenue Management System, combining human expertise with advanced AI intelligence.

Stay ahead in unpredictable markets with our AI-driven revenue management system. By merging machine algorithms with human market insights, our system facilitates well-informed decisions for optimal pricing strategies. Stay agile and responsive with our swift and adaptable solution, adjusting seamlessly to evolving market dynamics.

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Utilizing real-time data and predictive analytics, our advanced revenue management solution dynamically adjusts room prices based on your property’s booking patterns. This guarantees optimal pricing strategies, maximizes revenue and improves overall operational efficiency.
Lead the way in the competitive hospitality industry with our dynamic revenue management solution, designed to optimize profits and respond to shifting market trends.


Revenue management system
Fully Automated Solution

Our fully automated solution ensures optimal pricing distribution across all selling channels, aligning with demand patterns to ensure consistent competitiveness for your property or group of properties. We pride ourselves on having the lowest rate override ratio in the market.

AI-Enabled Forecasting & Pricing

Our AI algorithms continually analyze your property’s booking patterns, adapting pricing based on evolving market conditions. This dynamic approach enables accurate room sales predictions and corresponding price adjustments, resulting in some of the lowest pricing overrides in the market.

Strategy Builder

Implement tailor-made revenue strategies to directly impact pricing using our transparent and flexible solution, eliminating the opaque “black box” approach of other RMS systems. Save time and optimize revenues with the industry’s first bionic Revenue Management System, blending human intelligence with advanced AI.

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The Drey Hotel Dallas

How SHR played a pivotal role in formulating effective systems and strategies for growth

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