Customer relationship management

Build strong connections with your guests by understanding their preferences, allowing you to anticipate their needs before they arise.

Elevate your hotel’s marketing, recognition, and promotional campaigns with our advanced CRM. Our platform provides a comprehensive understanding of each guest, facilitating personalized and impactful experiences. Utilize AI and automation for scalable, sustainable engagement, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and tailored to enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Our values

Hotels frequently miss engagement and revenue opportunities because of difficulties in personalizing interactions and managing large volumes of data efficiently. Our CRM, crafted by hoteliers for hoteliers, tackles these challenges by consolidating your data and automating tasks. This simplifies guest relationship management, nurturing personalized engagement that not only delights guests but also encourages their return, with their satisfaction as our paramount concern.
Empower your hotel’s success in a dynamic market with our CRM, providing you with the tools and insights to anticipate guest needs and streamline processes.


Customer relationship management
Know your guests

Optimize guest profile consistency across all platforms and utilize cleansed data for precise audience segmentation, considering demographics, preferences and purchase history.

Personalize and automate engagement

Elevate your marketing strategies with our versatile and intuitive content creation toolkit, comprising templates, landing pages, forms, and an image library. Leverage dynamic content and AI-driven features for enhanced engagement. Automate tailored marketing campaigns with customizable scheduling to effectively target your segmented audience.

Recognize and reward your most valued guests

Design a loyalty program tailored to your clientele, driving business success by incorporating the most impactful features. Offer earned or surprise rewards, with or without tier levels or a full points system. Customize every aspect of the program to suit your specific needs. With SHR’s integrated member portal and direct booking channels, ensure personalized offers and messaging at every interaction point, online or offline, leveraging CRM data for impactful guest engagement.

Smart Integration

Our advanced profile merging technology automatically detects and merges duplicate guest profiles, ensuring each guest has a single, accurate record. This enhances guest insights by offering a comprehensive view of their preferences, history and interactions. With this unified data, you can deliver personalized experiences that enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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