Castlemartyr Resort, a distinguished 5-star property nestled in East Cork, is a jewel in the Unlisted Collection group of properties. Seeking to enhance its direct online revenue through innovative digital strategies, the resort collaborated with SHR, a leader in hospitality technology.

In December 2021, Castlemartyr Resort made a strategic decision to transition its Booking Engine (BE). The catalyst behind this move was a team member's prior experience with Avvio (acquired by SHR in 2022), recognizing the robustness and key benefits of SHR’s booking engine.

Castlemartyr Resort aimed to overcome challenges in maximizing direct online revenue. The need for a robust digital strategy to drive bookings and enhance the guest experience was imperative.

SHR seamlessly partnered with Castlemartyr Resort's Marketing & Sales team to formulate a comprehensive vision for their product. The result was the implementation of a guest-centric booking engine designed to provide a swift, efficient and user-friendly booking journey. SHR continually optimized the customer experience by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies and trends.

The SHR booking engine introduced several key features, including dynamic room substitution, length-of-stay (LOS) discounting, closed user group functionality, flash sale options, promo codes and comprehensive reporting tools such as pace reporting and insights reporting.

The partnership between Castlemartyr Resort and SHR exemplifies a dynamic and evolving alliance in the hospitality industry. Through innovative digital strategies, personalized support and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, SHR has empowered Castlemartyr Resort to drive direct online revenue and achieve sustained success in the competitive landscape.

““In a dynamic digital environment, our growth and success are promoted by the union of SHR’s account management intelligence.”
Elaine O’Halloran, Director of Sales and Marketing at Castlemartyr Resort
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