AskSuite Chatbot

Fully control the inbound reservation funnel

How many monthly quote requests does your hotel receive via service channels? And how many are converted?

We believe that the service sales funnel is just as relevant as the website & booking engine.

Automatically register every opportunity from every service channel

Receive and register all inbound phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messages in one place, tagging each sales and revenue opportunity.

A complete dashboard to easily control inbound services and reservation funnel

Get an overview of all channels and team performance: first-reply time, lost reasons, number of chats per agent, conversion rates, and more.

Take your reservation team to the next sales performance level

By understanding operators’ individual performance and KPIs, you can set up new monthly targets for sales and conversions per reservation agent.

Follow-ups turn service into profit

Every interaction is automatically qualified, and the reservation agent can easily follow up with leads from website chats via email or other channels, as we’re a true omnichannel solution.

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  • solution worth pursuing.
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  • bookings rolling in while streamlining
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