d-edge Channel Manager

Channel manager

Optimise your online distribution

Ranked as the most easy-to-use tool by its 20,000 + users, our Channel Manager is recognised by hotel professionals as the most robust and most connected solution on the market.

It is your best ally to maximise your online distribution.

Manage your rates and availabilities on 300+ hotel booking channels

With D-EDGE, you can manage over 300 distribution websites from a single extranet, including GDSs and global or local OTAs.

Awarded ease-of-use

Our Channel Manager has been rated by hoteliers to be particularly user friendly. Our priority is indeed to make technology simple. Though our Channel Manager offers many features and uses advanced technology, it is always easy-to-use.

Control availabilities in real-time

Thanks to our Central Inventory your entire availability is distributed to all channels, with no risk of overbooking. As soon as a booking is made, the vendor website notifies D-EDGE and your availability is updated instantly, 24/7, on all channels.

Automate planning management

Take the best of technology: you can now easily create your own set of rules to automate planning management. At any time, the planning and channel pool rules can be triggered according to your distribution strategy. It's like activating cruise-control in your car

Connected to leading pms

Each time an online booking is made, availability information is updated in your PMS, helping you avoid the cost and embarrassment of overbooking, making your day-to-day admin tasks easier and increasing your revenue.

Take quick actions

Our Channel Manager is designed to make your life easier. It's constantly evolving to fit with your new challenges.

A feature such as “Channels pools” enable you to group sales channels using your own criteria (commission, performance, etc). You can now manage multiple channels-to increase/decrease price for example-in just one click.

Reduce fraud

Thanks to our Payment Automation feature, all credit cards used as a guarantee for booking via OTAs are automatically checked and refused if not valid or without sufficient balance. You can also easily implement a prepayment possibility.