Hotel Partner Channel Manager

Integrated interfaces that go beyond the major players in the market

We guarantee a seamless and stress-free integration of our system and services into your hotel’s existing processes. We are already working with the major players in the market and will take care of the seamless interface between your system and ours, so that the full potential of increased efficiency can be realised.

HotelPartner works with the tools you’re already using

Integrated Interfaces That Go Beyond Just The Main Players Of The Market.

HotelPartner is a well-established provider for revenue management and distribution services in the hospitality industry. Founded in 2006, their goal is to ensure sustainable growth for their partners by optimizing profitability and ensuring a successful future. They achieve this through maximising rooms-revenue and reducing costs with their unique TET-Synergy of highly qualified teams, proven expertise, and the use of leading technology. HotelPartner is driven by the values of optimisation, success, and security, making them a valuable partner for hotels looking to grow and succeed in a competitive market.