Unwrapping Success: SHR 7 Essential Tips for Digital Marketing and CRM During the Holiday Season

For businesses in the hospitality industry the holiday season presents a golden opportunity to connect with customers and boost revenue. Here at SHR, as the leading global specialist technology and service provider to the hotel industry, our gift to you is to offer invaluable insights to navigate the digital marketing landscape and harness the power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) during this festive period.

Let’s unwrap the key tips to make your holiday marketing campaigns merry and bright.

  1. Create a Festive Content Calendar

One of the foundational steps in a successful holiday marketing strategy is to develop a comprehensive content calendar. This should encompass holiday-themed blog posts, social media content, and email campaigns.

For example, crafting posts like “Top Holiday Activities in Our Area” or “Delicious Seasonal Recipes from Our Chef” adds a personal touch to your brand. By maintaining a consistent and engaging presence throughout the season, your hotel stays top of mind for potential guests.

  1. Countdown to Christmas Email Campaign

Building anticipation is a powerful marketing tool and a creative way to do this is by creating a 12-day countdown to Christmas email campaign. Each email can feature an exclusive holiday offer or experience, showcasing your hotel’s cozy ambiance, festive decorations, and special in-room amenities.

Engaging subject lines, vivid imagery, and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) will entice recipients to book and increasing bookings.

  1. Mobile Optimization for PPC/Social

Given the prevalence of mobile browsing during the holiday season, it’s crucial to ensure that your ads and landing pages are optimized for mobile devices. Remember users often browse and book on their phones, making mobile optimization essential for maximizing reach and conversions.

  1. Adapt to the Platform

Tailoring campaigns to each platform’s strengths is imperative in digital marketing. We would advise adjusting campaigns based on user behaviors on platforms like Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, and Demand Gen. Utilizing festive creatives with enticing calls to action ensures that your ads resonate with the unique characteristics of each platform, enhancing their effectiveness.

  1. Holiday-Themed Paid Social Strategies

To capture the attention of potential guests immersed in the holiday spirit, incorporate holiday-themed videos and images into your paid social media strategy. While the lead time for conversion may be longer, this content contributes to audience building, creating a more compelling experience for potential guests.

  1. Maximizing Budget Efficiency with First-Party Data:

In the competitive landscape of holiday advertising, it is important to maximize budget efficiency. Utilizing first-party data to target consumers through lookalike audiences allows hotels to create highly targeted ads that speak directly to specific audiences, reducing waste and ensuring a higher return on investment.

  1. CRM Email Campaigns Aligned with Revenue Management:

This is a time of year to focus on the crucial intersection of CRM and revenue management, as marketing efforts should guide guests to offers that are not only enticing but also available for booking. This strategic alignment ensures a seamless customer journey, from awareness to conversion.

By incorporating our tips into your digital marketing and CRM strategy you should be able to significantly enhance your hotel’s visibility, engagement, and revenue during the holiday season. By embracing festive creativity, platform-specific tactics, and strategic CRM integration, your hotel can create a memorable and profitable holiday experience for both new and returning guests, keeping you always ahead. Unwrap the potential for success this holiday season with our expert guidance.

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