Hotel Trader Channel Manager

Buy and Sell Hotel Rooms Direct. An automated and scalable solution for global distribution. Hotel Trader connects the world’s leading travel agencies and hotels through a single connection – direct from the source

  • Distribution that works for you.
  • We Bring Global Brands Direct to Your CRS & PMS
  • Grow Distribution & Maximize Sales with No Resource Allocation
  • Managed Distribution, Payment, Rate Parity, Commercials
  • Reduce Distribution Costs by Working Direct
  • 100% Automated & No Intermediary Hops
  • Be Seen.
  • Source Direct and Build your Brand.
  • Your Brand Name on Every Booking
  • Unlimited Access to Rates & Inventory Direct from the Source
  • Centralized Core Operations with Built-In Managed Services
  • Guaranteed Reservations with Hotel Confirmation Numbers
  • 100% Automated Tools and Functionality
  • Robust APIs that cover the edge… come explore!
  • Industry leading GraphQL PULL API Connectivity
  • Meta-Data Direct from the CRS
  • End-to-End Automation. No Manual Processes
  • Flexible Integration
  • Built by Developers, for Developers

If you had the opportunity to create a distribution solution using the latest technology, how would you do it?

Would you choose to connect companies using a multi-level system of disjointed legacy technology, with no transparency… or, would you create a single, transparent connection, directly from the source to the shelf where the transaction takes place?

We agree, and that’s exactly what we built.