Quicktext Chatbot

VELMA, the AI Hotel chatbot generated $301M* in leads for its hotel customers' websites in 2022

Increase your direct sales and enhance your CRM

Quite simply, Velma (Hotel chatbot) installed on the website generates direct bookings; and qualified leads for the sales teams. In 2022, these leads amounted to over $301M*.

*Audited by Ciklea Accounting & Audit Paris.

Increase conversions and automate repetitive tasks

The AI virtual assistant, Velma, successfully processes 85% of customer requests in 34 languages, enabling you to maximise your conversion rates and boost the efficiency of your teams, while reducing operational costs.

Improve your search engine optimisation and campaigns

Conversation analysis can be used to generate predictive models enabling you to update the hotel's website in real-time, as well as your communication and marketing campaigns (Use SEO for more direct booking).

  • Q-SERVICES: A new dimension in the hotel industry thanks to AI and big data
  • 01. Data Management
  • Q-Brain+: The AI dedicated to hospitality.
  • Q-Data: Structured data management.
  • Q-Sales: Lead and reservation management.
  • Q-BI: Business Intelligence.
  • 02. Connectivity
  • Q-Hub: Instant messaging management.
  • Q-Connect: Centralised management of connectivity.
  • Q-Automate: Email automation manager.
  • 03. Big Data
  • Q-SEO: Search engine optimisation powered by big data.
  • Q-AD: Optimisation of retargeting campaigns.
  • Q-Dynamic: Dynamic website by predictive model.
  • Q-Verse: Integration in Metaverses.