Finally a Modern Hotel & Property Management System

With cutting edge features providing guests and property managers the best experience possible.

Manage Your Hotels

WavePm allows you to do all the things you would expect from any other PMS and a lot more including contactless checkin. Read more below.

Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Manage 1 or many vacation rentals remotely with keycode generation, text message communication, HVAC control, and housekeeper app. Also sync availability and reservations with AirBNB.

Easy setup

Get up and running quickly. Manage and create multiple properties, room types, and rooms in the easy admin interface, upload historical data for a seamless transfer.

SMS functionality

Manage all facets of customer interaction through convenient and traceable SMS text messaging from inside your Property Management System.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop room assignments in a clean and attractive rooms grid that allows users to have a constant eye on operations.


Allows housekeepers to flip rooms and manage their workload directly through a tablet or mobile phone to ensure all housekeeping users are on the same page.

Rates & CRS

Manage and sync all your rates from a single platform with CRS integrations that can push rates and availability to Airbnb, Hotel Tonight, Expedia, Booking.com, and many others.

  • Dashboard
  • Revenue reports, occupancy trends, guest stats, and feedback surveys all in one convenient dashboard.
  • Contactless Hotel and Resort Management
  • SMS Communication
  • Intuitive Rooms Grid
  • Guest Surveys
  • Mobile Housekeeping App
  • Rates & CRS Integration
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Vacation Owners & Ownership
  • Building System Automation

WavePM is a cloud-based Hotel Property Management system used to run day-to-day operations, as well as guest interactions. Technology is constantly evolving and we are currently in the age of cloud computing. Several industries have switched to the modern way of doing business in the cloud, but until now, the Hotel Industry has never seen a Property Management Solution like ours.

WavePM is designed with the hotel guest and the hotel property manager in mind. The app offers a beautiful and intuitive user interface, seamless integrations and automation, and best of all, our Property Management System is accessible anywhere, anytime. WavePM enables hotels to stay competitive, keep up with guest expectations, increase guest satisfaction, and increase retention and revenue. Welcome to the future of Property Management Systems.