Harness the power of AI-powered functionality to elevate your online bookings and revolutionize the guest experience within your casino.

Experience the unrivaled capabilities of our Central Reservation Service (CRS), equipped with refined functionality that empowers your casino hotel to effortlessly sell rooms and additional services to a vast online audience of millions. With this advanced technology taking care of the online sales process, you can concentrate on delivering exceptional service to your valued guests onsite, ensuring an unforgettable experience at your casino.

With the advanced and highly optimized booking engine (IBE) and Central Reservation System (CRS) technology, you can seamlessly attract and convert a larger audience of potential guests, enabling your casino hotel to stay always ahead.

We analyze user data and preferences to personalize and optimize each guest's journey, ensuring that their stay is tailored to their unique needs and desires. By entrusting the advanced functionality, you can focus on providing unparalleled service and creating memorable experiences for your guests, while allora.ai takes care of the seamless online booking process.

We understand your casino hotel’s specific challenges and needs

  • Flexible design and layout of the booking engine allows you to customize the guest experience
  • Guests can redeem comp offers via the online booking engine and from the call center
  • Restrictions can be applied to reduce the mis-use of comp offers
  • Single Sign On – allows your guest to authenticate via your website or on your booking engine
  • Custom “My Offers” page allows guest to view available offers
  • Apply Resort Fees by Rank/Tier
  • Partial comp reservations allow your guests to redeem offers and combine the reservation with a cash or casino rate, all with redemption tracking included
  • Smooth guest experience with seamless transitions between brand website, CRM/ player management system, and booking engine
  • Integral data security - PCI compliant and with the flexibility to cater to clients with highly diverse security needs

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