Allora delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower resorts in enhancing the guest experience and generating revenue across every interaction in the guest journey.

With Retention Optimizer, you can effectively monitor guest behavior patterns and implement targeted messaging strategies to drive increased bookings. By leveraging this powerful tool, you have the ability to understand guest preferences and engage with them in a personalized manner, ultimately enhancing customer retention and boosting your overall revenue.

With the Central Reservation System (CRS), resorts can leverage their functionality to automate the process of sending upsell offers to guests, taking into account real-time availability and rates. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual upsell programs, saving valuable time and effort. Whether offering upsells with or without discounting, the CRS streamlines the entire process, allowing spas to focus on other important aspects of their operations.

By utilizing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, resorts can significantly elevate the guest experience during the pre-stay phase of the guest journey. This enables them to add value, establish trust, foster engagement, and ultimately cultivate repeat business. With the CRM system, resorts can effectively manage guest interactions, tailor personalized communications, and deliver targeted offers or promotions that resonate with individual preferences. This proactive approach strengthens the bond between the resort and guests, resulting in a memorable experience that encourages loyalty and repeat visits.

Allora has also partnered with Trybe, a groundbreaking enterprise revolutionizing the spa and activity booking landscape with cutting-edge software, all powered by AI. Guests can effortlessly incorporate spa treatments and leisure activities into their room booking experience, when and how they want, 24/7 with real-time availability. Fully cloud based, the software can be accessed from anywhere and easily integrated with other systems, offering a modern and intuitive user experience that has new features being added all the time.

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