Maestro PMS

Maestro is the only hospitality Property Management System software company that offers an all-in-one, comprehensive Web browser or Windows solution with the option to host its Maestro Cloud Platform on-premises, in a private cloud, or cloud hosted. All environments support the latest mobile, contact-free, and web responsive technologies to enhance the digital guest and staff experience; with the added benefit of an extensive collection of open APIs to support more than 800 third-party integrations.

Exclusively focused on independent hospitality groups, Maestro prides itself on both protecting your investment and providing flexibility and scalability with its innovative property management software solutions. Regardless of which implementation model a property chooses to support its business objectives today, they can switch to a different option tomorrow without going to market for a new system provider and incurring additional licensing fees. Maestro offers a painless transition migrating from on-premises to cloud-hosted or vice versa.